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Mobile Banking Solutions
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Mobile Banking is on the rise.

Mobile Banking (or m-banking) is on an accelerated growth path, a trend bankers cannot afford to ignore. While millions of people are already using some form of m-banking, there are billions more on their way to adapt to the conveniences of managing and organizing all their finances on their mobile devices. Mobile Banking applications are being downloaded every day, enabling consumers to easily carry out their financial transactions. With a simultaneous increase in network upgrades for faster data speeds by cellular carriers, and consumers passion to do much more with their mobile phones (both smartphones and basic models), consumer awareness and confidence is on a rise. Consumers have now started expecting m-banking facilities in various forms from their bankers.

The Creamos Edge

At Creamos, our team of experts continuously keeps up-to-date with technology advancements in the m-banking space. They have already deployed several m-banking apps, and continue to help bankers and financial institutions worldwide with m-banking applications for their consumers.

As a financial institution, it's important that you choose your m-banking solutions vendor with care. Your customers totally trust you with the technology you choose for them, and security is an intrinsic expectation. Quality and simplicity of your mobile banking offerings become extreme differentiating factors in the market. Creamos, with its strong technical skills and experience in supporting multiple mobile platforms, offers you a range of options, while understanding and working with your institute's technology infrastructure.

The possibilities are growing.

Mobile Banking was earlier limited to push transactions such as minimum balance alerts, credit/debit alerts and bill payment alerts. Since then, m-banking solutions such as iOS apps, android apps and other mobile platforms apps, SMS texting and web browser banking solutions have been extended to pull transactions as well, which help your banking consumers with tasks such as to check their account balances,

transfer money, review account statements, locate ATMs and branch locations and pay bills. You can add in more features you desire for your consumers, for example, enable them to check their reward points, check to see if they can afford an item before buying or have them reach your customer care directly from your app. You can add more advanced features such as person-to-person payments or enable managing multiple credit / debit cards.

Credit card services apps help consumers make payments, view recent transactions and monitor their reward points. These are enabled for full account information including current balance, minimum payment due and the date, credit available and any relevant offers.

Investments segment apps will allow your customers to monitor their portfolio, do research, allow them to trade and follow market news, with real-time quotes.

Budgeting apps can be customized for you to help users track expenses and income, creating instant reports and exporting to file types of your choice. These apps can track items such as bill due dates with reminders, reward programs, mobile minutes and data usage, etc.