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Staff Augmentation Services
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Augmenting staff is now a required staffing strategy employed by information technology companies, where there is a continuous struggle to train and retain IT professionals. Whether it is new projects that come up which need specialized skills, and which may not justify a permanent hiring or it is the critical need of skilled experts backing up the many applications that are changing the way business processes now function, staff augmentation is the most preferred solution. The specialized skills and expertise, the flexibility and the cost benefits that staff augmentation offers makes it a no-brainer choice.

The Creamos Edge

Creamos technical staffing wing specializes in sourcing IT contractors. Every single requirement of our clients is processed meticulously. Recommendations are made by our highly experienced senior staff engineers. Our senior staff engineer first consults with the hiring IT professional to understand thoroughly what the job requirements are, and based on this understanding, personally screens, selects and recommends the most suitable talent, based on their competencies.

Traditionally, IT hiring criteria has been limited to knowledge of specific technologies that are used in the job. However, at Creamos we understand that technical consideration alone does not guarantee a success, and that a qualitative job spec should be multidimensional, detailing the exact work that needs to be accomplished in the project and the nature of tasks and procedures involved. We use uncompromising selection criteria in evaluating the personality and work-ethic of our prospective hires, to balance their soft-skills with their technical skills.

Since Creamos has its own ongoing intensive development projects, all the talent we recommend to you would have already worked on our projects, and our recommending senior staff engineer would have first-hand knowledge of their competencies to assure you the most appropriate fit.

Mature Recruitment and Fulfillment Process

In order to provide customers with the best talent for their projects, we identify the finest available consultant candidates through a comprehensive Recruitment and Fulfillment Process. Our process has been defined and refined over numerous years and has emerged at the forefront of the staffing and services industry.

Our dedicated recruiting staff consists of a recruiting manager and recruiters at our office location. Each recruiter has:

  • Access to a centralized, web-enabled, automated candidate management system
  • Online skill assessment forms
  • Comprehensive technical and business training on a regular basis

Use of these advanced tools and techniques along with our extensive interview and screening process, makes our recruitment and fulfillment process one of the best in the industry. This streamlined process also makes it possible to support customers who have needs in certain geographical areas by opening satellite offices.

12 Steps to Staff the Best

Our process is the result of extensive experience and success in the staffing and services industry.

1. Identify Candidates

When a requirement is shared by a client, Creamos's expert staffers will utilize all resources and databases available to generate a long list of potential candidates.

2. Complete Prescreen Form

Qualified candidates are chosen from Creamos database comprisingmore than 30,000 candidates. Typically, done over the phone, the candidate is asked a series of questions to gain an understanding of the individual's technical qualifications, level of interest in a career change, current salary, future salary expectations, availability, etc. If the candidate fits Creamos profile, the process continues.

3. Inter-office Interview

If the candidate is local, they are scheduled for an onsite interview with Creamos. Additional questions are asked to confirm previous information and to gather further information pertaining to the candidate's background. Interpersonal and communication skills, degree of professionalism, and future goals are also reviewed to verify whether the individual will measure up to Creamos profile. Other Creamos employees get a chance to meet the candidate as well.

4. Technical Evaluation

Based on the level of experience, Creamos determines the best option to check the candidates technical abilities.

The options are:
  • An online standardized test that is based on and measured by candidates skills
  • A person-to-person conversation with a Senior Technical Consultant that is qualified to gauge the candidates' technical qualifications
5. Reference Check

A candidate must provide four references-traditionally, at least two supervisors and two co-workers. Creamos cross-checks with the references on the candidate's work ethic, teamwork and technical strengths.

6. Resume Submission

Creamos reviews the resume with the candidate and then incorporates it into a pre-defined format. The candidate is briefed on all possible assignments and then the resume is submitted to customers where there is a potential match.

7. Client Interview

Creamos prepares the candidate for the customer interview. The job requirements are discussed, the customer's environment is reviewed, all the candidate's needs are covered including personality tips, etc. The candidate is instructed to contact Creamos immediately following the interview.

8. Candidate Offer

Upon receipt of acceptance from the customer, Creamos contacts the candidate, reviews all information and makes the offer.

9. Drug/Background Check

If the customer requests, Creamos will ensure that drug and background checks are completed on the candidate.

10. Close Down

Once the candidate accepts the position and the drug and background checks are completed, Creamos arranges a start date by communicating with both the customer and candidate.

11. Maintenance

It is Creamos responsibility to ensure the candidate is meeting the customer's expectations. Creamos will prepare the candidate for their assignment prior to their start date. From that point on, Creamos will periodically touch base with the candidate and customer to ensure expectations are being met from both the customer's and candidate's perspectives.

12. Notice of End Date

The customer will notify Creamos of the candidate's end date. At that time, the candidate will be remarketed.

Talent Available Across Technologies

Our staffing services pertain to talent across technologies:

  • All SAP solutions
  • All ORACLE solutions
  • Java
  • .net
  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • SharePoint services
  • Sales Force

With one of the best pricing models in the industry, and a highly specialized talent pool, ourstaff augmentation clients love coming back here for more.