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Core Business Solutions Overview

Creamos aims to be the single window for all enterprise solutions for its customers. With wide capabilities built across technology and business domains, expertise matured and refined over the years, Creamos helps businesses address real problems and delivers innovative solutions.

Oracle   Solutions

Oracle provides one of the most extensive sets of enterprise application software products and solutions, catering to over 65,000 customers worldwide.

Salesforce   Solutions's cloud computing based CRM solutions are helping companies worldwide to connect with their customers, and helping their employees collaborate with each other.

Sharepoint   Solutions

To put it simply, Microsoft SharePoint 2010 makes it easier for people to work together. Setup websites that allow easy sharing of information. Manage documents from start to

SAP   Solutions

More than 180,000 companies now run better, by leveraging the extensive range of enterprise application software solutions offered by SAP.

Mobile Banking   Solutions

Mobile Banking (or m-banking) is on an accelerated growth path, a trend bankers cannot afford to ignore.While millions of people are already using


BSL's facilities to design and simulate future business scenarios while experimenting with various technology alternatives.

The lab will enable customers get a snapshot of what their future business environment will look like. The lab helps clients with potential information to strategise and reduce risks on business and technology-related decisions and investments.

Business Continuity Model (BCM) is fully equipped to address exactly the kind of contingencies that may arise in any natural / man-made disaster. In these situations Creamos offers clients, its offices and development centers located outside Bayarea as an additional backup in the unlikely situation of an emergency.

Leading edge technologies. Power of Silicon valley. The fusion of the two, at Creamos Technology Center, provides an infrastructure that facilitates development of cutting edge software solutions for our clients.Much of Technology Center's software development is spent towards the goal of Building More Reliable Technology.

We go to great lengths to ensure that the solutions we deliver not only surpass your expectations, but ours too. It is the way we deliver long term excellence, and ultimately, predictability of returns, through the Quality Global Delivery Model. A number of quality tracking methodologies, tools, and processes are put in place to ensure superior quality products to our clients.