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The way smart enterprises are collaborating today.

To put it simply, Microsoft SharePoint 2010 makes it easier for people to work together. Setup websites that allow easy sharing of information; manage documents from start to finish; and publish informative, useful reports. Companies are realizing that enabling information and knowledge sharing through right and easy channels, powered by reliable back-end technology, is invaluable. They are moving to using Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for their intranets, extranets and internet solutions.

Sites, one of the six powerful SharePoint 2010's capabilities, comes with a full-fledged tool box which lets your people easily create websites, sharing information with colleagues on intranets, with partners on extranets and customers on internet websites.

Composites are a set of modules that you can use to easily assemble and configure collaborative solutions that meet your changing business requirements, from simple sites to complex applications.

Insights is the Business Intelligence capability of SharePoint 2010. It lets you access information through powerful features such as dashboards and scorecards.

Communities lets people share ideas in ways flexible and suitable to them, promoting creativity and productivity, and without compromising company's security.

Content enables Enterprise Content Management, with its non-intrusive way of administration, allowing you to setup your compliance policies easily, reducing manual oversights and errors.

Search helps people find the most relevant information they are looking for in easy and intuitive ways, making their searches efficient, effective and highly personalized.

The end users of SharePoint 2010 find that they work better, faster and smarter in collaboration with their teams. They are able to make better, informed and timely decisions. And with the familiarity of the Microsoft interface they are already comfortable with.

Creamos can help your development teams leverage the SharePoint 2010 to make powerful SharePoint applications, whether they are Web Parts, external content types, or workflow activities for use in SharePoint solutions. A full set of extensibility APIs, and new features such as Language Integrated Query (LINQ) to SharePoint, OData Services and the Client Object Model are available for developers to customize and power their implementations. Business Connectivity Services helps you import external data into SharePoint 2010.

The Creamos Edge

Creamos is a certified Microsoft Partner. Creamos SharePoint Services division has highly qualified IT professionals and Microsoft Certified Masters, who have undergone advance training on Microsoft server technologies. Creamos SharePoint services team is equipped with SharePoint 2010 configuration skills of deployment, upgrade, management and operations of a server farm, and advanced skills such as capacity planning, topology design and performance tuning.

The reasons to switch to SharePoint 2010 are compelling. It is a preferred choice for an IT administrator, with a single, scalable infrastructure, an easy-to-use central administration website, capabilities to monitor and manage SharePoint farm(s), and the added support of the Microsoft Windows PowerShell. Additionally, third party companies can add services to the platform. Creamos can walk you through the flexible deployment options suitable for your needs.